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General Plastic Surgery

Skin Cancer & Melanoma Surgery

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer affecting people across the globe. Cancer, also called malignant neoplasm, occurs when cells in the body divide uncontrollably. Cancer cells develop when the genetic material in the body cells is damaged and the body is unable to repair this damage. These damaged cells divide and multiply uncontrollably forming a tumour mass. Uncontrolled division of skin cells is called skin cancer.

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Hand Surgery

At Collins St Plastic Surgery, we specialise in a wide range of elective hand surgeries such as:

  • Dupuytren's disease, treated by either needle fasciotomy (or aponeurectomy) or surgery
  • Trigger finger
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Burn Surgery

Our body is composed of cells and tissues that may get burned or damaged due to fire or other corrosive agents. Burn injuries may result in loss of sensation, impaired mobility and affect your cosmetic appearance. Plastic surgery for burns is an advanced technique that can repair the damaged burned areas to restore the lost aesthetics and activity of your body.

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Microsurgery is a general term used when an operating microscope is used to assist in repair or joining of small structures, such as nerves and arteries, which may be less than one millimetre in diameter. Plastic surgeons can transfer tissue from one part of the body to another to cover the exposed structures, or to restore form and function.

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