Brow Lift / Eyelids

Brow lift also known as forehead lift is an aesthetic treatment to correct low position of the eyebrows and to improve horizontal lines and vertical frown lines on the forehead. This surgical procedure can be done in people with inherently low brow position and also for those who develop them as a result of stress or ageing.

Brow lift procedure softens facial forehead lines, uplifts the eyebrows and creates a softer, younger look. The surgery is done under local sedation or general anaesthesia. During the procedure your plastic surgeon uplifts the loosened forehead skin and weakens the frown muscles.

Surgical brow lift can be performed by four different techniques:

Lateral brow lift: In this procedure a small incision is made in the temple behind the hairline and the outer portion of the brow is elevated. This procedure can be extended to improve the eyelids as well and produce a minor mid-face lift.

Endoscopic brow lift: The procedure is performed using an endoscope, a tiny instrument that has a camera at its tip and is connected to an external display. The surgeon makes few small incisions behind the hairline on the scalp and through one incision an endoscope is inserted. By viewing the internal structures on the large television screen, the surgeon inserts small surgical instruments through other incisions and shifts the skin backward on the head.

Coronal brow lift: Here the incision is made above the hairline on the head from one ear to the other ear, the deep tissues are tightened and the excess skin from the scalp is removed.

Hairline brow lift: It is recommended in individuals with high receding hairline. During the procedure an incision is made between the forehead and directly in front of the hairline. This procedure shortens the forehead and gives better results in those with more horizontal creases. The excess skin and muscle are then removed and the elevated position of the brow is fixed permanently by surgical stitches, small screws or absorbable fixation devices and the incisions are closed. Initial swelling and bruising occurs after the procedure but reduces in few weeks to reveal a youthful, relaxed and pleasant face with smooth skin.